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Happy Paws Pet Care

Dog walking

Walks with us are always great fun! Look at all the happy faces and wagging tails in the gallery.

We can customise any walk to suit you and your dogs requirements but I mainly offer:

hour walks: From £10.00 Pack/£15.00 Solo

Half hour walks: From £7.00 pack/£8.00 Solo

If your dog can be mixed with others and you don't mind them going on pack walks, that's great. However, if not, no problem, we offer individual walks also.

* We always walk your dog to its' own ability and incorporate any training they may be receiving.

*We don't bring back dirty pawed dogs! We always make sure paws are wiped and dried before they come home.

* We try not to keep the dogs in the van for too long, so research great walking places near to you.

* Our vans are kenneled and we use doggy seat belts for safe travel.

* We use long leads (unless you want me to use yours) which allows the dogs freedom to run and play whilst always being safely secured to me, until we are all comfortable with them being let off lead (if appropriate)

* Safety is paramount so we are fully insured whilst out walking, driving and dropping them back in your home.

* Extras (at no extra cost) : topping up water bowls, feeding, giving treats, administering medication, lots of love and attention!

* You will receive updates on how your doggy is doing, with photos of their happy faces to brighten up your day. Updates are through; text, phone calls. facebook or whatsapp.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.... It'd be our pleasure t0 get together with you to chat about things further and for you to get to meet us.